If we’re gonna make it ‘Cross this river alive We need to think like a boat And go with the tide And I know where you’ve been It’s really left you in doubt Of ever finding a harbor Of figuring this out And you’re gonna need All the help you can get So lift up…


I’m falling harder than I’ve Ever fell before I’m falling fast while hoping I’ll land in your arms ‘Cause all my time is spent here Longing to belong To you I dream of circles perfect Eyes within your face My heart’s an open wound that Only you’d replace And though the moon is rising Can’t…


Africa, has the shape of a broken heart and the Heart of a broken land, Fell from heaven Straight to hell, Now your children are missing I try to understand Who I am Years after years God, it feels the same Heart fever Everybody’s gone And noone that I know Anybody won Africa, has the…

#SilverLining (c’è sempre un lato positivo)

There’s always a silver lining Bless those who know what that is We think we need everything But the love’s found in a wrong kind of dreams There’s always time to ask for help There’s always space to find your ways The times you’re weak storms ahead Sometimes you hide or you run away All…

Foglie d’autunno trafitte dal sole

The falling leaves drift by my window The falling leaves of red and gold I see your lips the summer kisses The sunburned hands I used to hold Since you went away the days grow long And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song But I miss you most of all my darling When autumn leaves…

Would you change?

If you knew that you would die today If you saw the face of God and Love Would you change? Would you change? If you knew that love can break your heart When you’re down so low you cannot fall Would you change? Would you change? How bad how good does it need to get?…

Ancora mille v0lte e ancora Max!

Sei la quintessenza dell’avversione, pare!
Ma sotto questa tua corazza lo so
c’è una ragazza che sta lì in bilico
sopra il solito ancestrale timore
che hanno tutti di lasciarsi soltanto andare!

The Promise

“Mantenere: a dieci anni era il mio verbo preferito. Comportava la promessa di tenere per mano, mantenere. […] Il volersi bene si costruisce. Ma l’amore quello vero, no. L’amore lo senti immediato, non ha tempo. É dire “ti sento”. Un contatto di pelle, un abbraccio, un bacio. Mantenersi, il mio verbo preferito, tenersi per mano….

That I would be good

that I would be good even if I did nothing that I would be good even if I got the thumbs down that I would be good if I got and stayed sick that I would be good even if I gained ten pounds

La mia vita senza te

Una canzone cantata coi segni… la mia vita senza te non è così diversa, io lo canto per non piangere; e non piangerò!

Arisa alla Feltrinelli di Firenze

27 Febbraio 2014, la Feltrinelli di via de’ Cerretani ospita la vincitrice del 64° Festival di Sanremo, una vittoria non rappresenta un punto di arrivo, semmai un punto di partenza. 32 anni e 4 dischi alle spalle, Arisa ha ancora voglia di crescere e di diventare una “grande cantante” di quelle che riempiono i teatri…